I CAN'T EVEN started as just a saying for so many, but Liz Franklin and Jay Sadis decided to turn someone's frustration or complete happiness into a shopaholic's dream. Both of them started as innovative marketing colleagues in the travel industry, but after working together for so long they realized that business partners are the path to go.

Liz, a creative genius behind the computer always had the drive and determination to succeed. Her love of comedy & Netflix made her sit with a laptop all day and that laptop gave her an idea and that idea turned into a domain name and that domain name turned into fulfilling her dream of one day owning an online business.She enjoys going to watch live music, spending time with her niece and nephew and never turns down a Starbucks caramel macchiato. 

Jay, a graduate from the University of Hartford with a background in Marketing & Finance found out quickly, that being your own boss is what he truly loves. His passion for marketing and creativity comes from his family who has always given him the support and guidance to be successful. He can never resist a sports game on television, family dinner at an Italian restaurant, golf and just a little bit more golf.